The Priestess - Frank Lauria - 1978 Paperback

The Priestess - Frank Lauria - 1978 Paperback

‘The Priestess’ by Frank Lauria.

Published in 1978. A very rare and hard to find supernatural horror.

Synopsis: She is sensually on fire, the most beautiful, dangerous woman ever to live out her fantasies of the flesh in a modern horror story. She is the exquisite, number-one mistress of the number-one man in the Florida crime syndicate. She is the ardent worshipper of Lecumi, the Voodoo of Cuba. For her it is mother, father, family - and lover, burning with unfulfilled passion... She is The Priestess.

As this book is vintage and ‘preloved’, it does show signs of general wear and tear. Considering it’s age and previous use, it is in good condition.