Rune Magic - Donald Tyson - 1988 Paperback

Rune Magic - Donald Tyson - 1988 Paperback

‘Rune Magic’ by Donald Tyson.

This edition published in 1988 by Llewellyn Publishing as part of their Practical Magick series.

In good condition.

This book is about the magical alphabet of the Northern European peoples - its background, history, use in ritual and divination, and its meaning. The runes are fully integrated into modern Western occult practice. A fascinating ritual method is presented which clearly shows how a rune ritual may be patterned. Drawing upon historical records, poetic fragments, and the informed study of scholars, Rune Magic resurrects the ancient techniques of rune magic which until now have generally been assumed lost in time. It integrates these methods with modern occultism so that anyone can fit the runes into a personal magical system. It gives for the first time all known and conjectured meanings of all 33 extant runes. A complete mythic background is presented that places the runes in the context in which they evolved and were used. In addition, a concise mnemonic exposition of the magical method is provided that will prove invaluable to anyone trying to understand how magic is worked. The ancient method of divination by rune wands is clearly explained, along with two easier and more modern methods using cards and dice. A technique of mirror skrying - which has rarely been revealed with any degree of clarity - is offered whereby the runes may be explored astrally, and 24 rune worlds are outlined. All the known information on the ancient meaning and use of the runes is condensed in a readable and easily accessible format, allowing you to arrive at your own personal understanding of rune magic.

Donald Tyson (Nova Scotia, Canada) is an occult scholar and the author of the popular, critically acclaimed Necronomicon series. He has written more than a dozen books on Western esoteric traditions.