My name is Rachel Alveston, and I am a self taught embroidery artist and patch maker, from Wirral, United Kingdom.

I create wearable works of art, in the form of patches, using hand embroidery and sometimes free-motion embroidery, with my domestic Bernina sewing machine.

I first turned to embroidery in 2014, after the sudden death of a loved one and after being diagnosed with a myriad of chronic and debilitating illnesses. Embroidery quickly transformed from a therapeutic activity, to a full time passion for me, and in 2015, after losing my job, it became my career.

My process and style have taken years of trial and error to develop. As I am self taught, I tend not to follow what would be considered 'proper technique'. Instead, I like to approach each embroidery as if it were an illustration. Each piece starts as a drawing in my sketchbook, and once it has been transferred to fabric, I colour it with thread as if I were putting ink to paper. 

I specialise in embroidered portraiture. I enjoy studying faces, no matter the subject. Every face is intriguing and challenging, yet completely unique and beautiful in it's own way.

I am inspired by a lot of things, but I do have a great love for all things horror, and my work is typically centred around portraits of cult characters. However, I am starting to draw inspiration from the music of the 70s, 80s, 90s and the icons of those periods.

I have also exhibited my work locally, in Liverpool, and I have sold many embroidered pieces to collectors all over the world.

Some of my work can be viewed here: